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Are we witnessing the masterpiece of a generation? A random and mysterious photo found whilst clearing out the laptop hard drive taken April 2022 on the Kings Road, Chelsea. I’ve called it Mystery?

Is it a bit William Eggleston or is it more Matt Stuart in B&W? Who knows, personally I’m not a fan of either, but each to their own. Maybe Alex Webb with his complex compositions with people dotted around like chess pieces all connected in some strange way. No, a Webb photo this is not. Gregory Crewdson. Not really his shots are planned and staged and melancholic. Daido Moriyami. I don’t think so ? Bruce Gilden. This photo is the reverse of a Gilden close up shock and awe in your face flash extravaganza.

Does this have a message or hidden meaning? Nope. Does it follow any rules of composition? Rule of Thirds. No. Rule of odds. Possibly. Rule of Symmetry. Not really but it is sort of balanced? Any juxtapositions? Nope as far as I can see.

Is your eye moving around the picture. It is, but nothing has any connection, just randomness everywhere. Maybe there is joy to be found in randomness. Maybe randomness is the new rule? Maybe randomness is THE new creative. Does a photo even have to follow rules. But then again why do they exist and why did the Masters use them?

Does it raise questions? Why has she got a jacket on her head? Is she trying to get some attention? Driver of the car? Woman across the road? Lorry driver? Has she seen something? Is she lost? Is this the new way to hail a cab? Is the photographer trying to say something? Does the photographer have to say anything?

Could this be just a random piece of garbage thrown out to the world for “a laugh” just to see the response?

Is there any creativity in this photo such as light, shade, form, line, texture, shape, layering? Decisive moment? It’s a gotcha moment…… but decisive?

Does it illicit an emotional response. Yes, bewidlerment, confusion, possibly a chuckle, maybe a response such as “what a load of old rubbish”

Is it something you would fave on your instagram feed. Maybe. Would it be remembered or looked at in 6 months time. Probably not

Is it one of those photos you find mesmerising. Does it work any better in colour? No, it looks just as confusing, haphazard, and even more random.

Is it abstract? Not really.Could anybody take this picture. Probably, if they were quick with a camera or mobile and happened to be there at the time.

Is this a photo masterpiece that could be destined to appear at MOMA or the Tate Modern? Does this photo work despite its randomness. OR is it just “a random piece of garbage” destined for deletion and oblivion. There is an incredibly fine line that divides the two?


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