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Tag: photo

  • Lana


    A bit of Lana in Camden Town. No Frank John Photography logo, full credit to the street artist concerned and thanks to the road sweeper for permission to photo his lovely cart. A totally staged tongue in cheek Juxtaposition???? Made me laugh anyway!

  • Islington


    Took this picture of and advert at a bus stop as it just sums up the crazy times we are in. An advert that says “hey look at me and my designer coat (and designer hairdo)….you too could be just like me?” With stacks of words hitting the headlines having crisis at the end of…

  • Knightsbridge


    BEHIND THE PHOTO: I was walking down Knightsbridge with camera in hand when I saw this psycherdelic shop window display in Harrods with these reflective odd shaped metal bauble things. Looking closer (they weren’t that big) I could see a reflection of Knightsbridge in one of them slightly distorted. So I exposed for the bauble…

  • Bridges


    Taken on the South Bank in Central London next to the Thames. The thought process was the arch shape of the foreground bridge and the lines it makes, then the bridge in the background was clearly visible with people walking across in the space left in the frame but it just lacked something and this…

  • Whitewash


    A window with some whitewash on the inside? Something that caught my eye on a lane just off Bishopsgate in the City. I love the brush strokes, question is how can you make a photo with it? Took about 30 photos the previous day, none were any good, came back the following day, took another…

  • Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    Taken on a canal bridge in Docklands in East London, over the Regents Canal. Looked around at what could be a possible picture but nobody was around. Waited a few more minutes. Still nothing. Looked down into the pea soup saw MY silhouette and thought “there you go” and the rest is history. A lovely…

  • Rotherhithe Tunnel

    Rotherhithe Tunnel

    I don’t know why, I just love tunnels? Needed a break from pounding the streets of the West End and City so a moment of madness and a painterly? photo of the Rotherhithe Tunnel that goes under the Thames in East London. Didn’t think you could walk through it, but you can (paths just visible…

  • Skywards


  • Trio


    Taken on the same day as previous post Mystery with the same camera, same lens, same photographer, similar time, similar lighting and same road, the Kings Road in Chelsea SW3.

  • Mystery?


    Are we witnessing the masterpiece of a generation? A random and mysterious photo found whilst clearing out the laptop hard drive taken April 2022 on the Kings Road, Chelsea. I’ve called it Mystery? Is it a bit William Eggleston or is it more Matt Stuart in B&W? Who knows, personally I’m not a fan of…