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Taken top of Kingsway opposite Holborn Tube in the rush hour. Why is it called LOOK.Clue: near Brunettes trainers. What’s going on here. a dash of Ernst Haas. Connections? White unblurred van, White Blurred Van, Women’s white trainers, Red Bus, Red Costa Sign, Red Canopy, Red Man Stop Sign. So what? Compositional rules followed. Rule of Thirds. Nope. Rule of Odds. Nope. Symmetry. Nope. Not sure what rule it follows but it just seems to work?

Using a person or people within a city scene, with the city scene being the focus not the actual person. You can see the people but can’t make out their facial expressions due to the fog like blur which I think makes this shot otherwise it’s just a random street scene. In other words the city street is depicting the mood and is the subject, not the people in it. Rapidly becoming my trademark.

What’s the message. The chaos of rush hour and the pace of life we take for granted in a big city. That’s it really. Number of shots to get this one? About 50 of which 48 were destined for the Recycle Bin. All taken in camera…no photo shop as always!


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