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Beat Box

A person eating a microphone just has to be a Beat Boxer hence the title. A photo taken down Leake Street SE1 (under Waterloo Station) when just passing through on a miserable soggy morning. One of the latest Street Art creations. Could be there for an hour, a day, a week or may get some respect and could be a long termer not to be painted over EVER? Just something that caught the eye polished off with a person walking in front blurred and in silhouette. The person in the streeet art looks so real and the person walking past looks unreal or ghost like. A painting that looks more real than a real person. A possible juxtaposition?

Artists credit in lower right hand corner just legible. Full credit to them. What I call a lazy photo, piggy backing off somebody’s art work, but creating a blurred silhouette with a crystal clear background takes some skill at 1/8 of a second hand held, no tripods here. It’s the small things that make the difference. On first viewing it looks black and white but far right and the path in front says otherwise. Took about 5 minutes to take this picture. Every time I put the camera to my eye when somebody was just walking through into the zone, they stopped dead every time out of view. The joys of street photography in London?

Finally does this photo have a message. The jury is out on that one?


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