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Top Cuvee

Top Cuvee? Was going to call this EYES but that’s too obvious so Top Cuvee it is. It’s a restaurant apparently, but it’s more about the whole picture. I saw this when I was in North London a couple of weeks ago (see Islington photo) in the Islington/Highbury/Finsbury Park sort of area. It looks like this street art is inside the restaurant, but it is actually a reflection of some street art on the other side of the road. The cyclist also looks like he is cycling through the restaurant but he was actually on the path out of the frame. Numerous people walked past and saw this cyclist and thought yep that’s it.

Is there a message? I don’t know it’s just a picture of urban life with street art, restaurant, cyclist, diversion sign, table and stools… all meddled into one……….. and that’s it. Would it be better without the diversion sign? Now there’s a question. Better in B/W, no I prefer the colour, it’s that monochrome, but not quite…… sort of look.


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