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Took this picture of and advert at a bus stop as it just sums up the crazy times we are in. An advert that says “hey look at me and my designer coat (and designer hairdo)….you too could be just like me?”

With stacks of words hitting the headlines having crisis at the end of them such as Global, Ukraine, Climate, Energy, Fuel, Cost of Living, Pound Sterling, Bonds, Inflation, you name it, this adverts timing is just a bit off.

This photo for me is a juxtaposition of dream or idealism versus reality. She is the dream and the the reality is primark jeans and hoodie!. I think the last thing on peoples minds at the moment is a designer winter coat at £300 + (checked the website) when they are more concerned with putting food on the table, whether they can afford to pay the mortgage, keep warm and keep the lights on this coming winter.

Maybe an advert for a 15 tog duvet at 50% off would be more appropriate and more useful to be honest. Just a thought? But then again this was taken in the rather swanky “I’m alright Jack, just made an absolute fortune shorting the pound” area of Islington in North London. No peasants here!

To end on a more positive note, it has to be said she is a stunner which is what caught my eye in the first place. Does this photo have a message? Well does it?


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