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A window with some whitewash on the inside? Something that caught my eye on a lane just off Bishopsgate in the City. I love the brush strokes, question is how can you make a photo with it? Took about 30 photos the previous day, none were any good, came back the following day, took another 20 with passers by in the reflection of the window and I settled on this one above the rest. It looks almost black and white but the minute splashes of colour say otherwise. (similar to the Rotherhithe Tunnel photo)

The timing of this photo has the man in the background in blue looking like he is walking on the woman’s head in the foreground. Two people appear just in between the two black bars at the same time. The painterly whitewash makes the woman in the foreground look as if she has grey hair when she quite clearly looks much younger. Is there a message? Not really? Does it create an emotional response. Possibly. Was the photo created with an emotional response in mind? Don’t think so. Does it have a touch of the Saul Leiter about it? Maybe? Does it work as a photo? Not quite sure? Is it something you can look at more than a couple of seconds, does the photo draw you in? I think it does. Is it good enough to put out on the blog regardless? Yes indeed, so here it is?



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