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Taken on the South Bank in Central London next to the Thames. The thought process was the arch shape of the foreground bridge and the lines it makes, then the bridge in the background was clearly visible with people walking across in the space left in the frame but it just lacked something and this woman turned up, under exposed the shot so she was just a silhouette and that is it. What is the subject? The woman, the bridge in the background or the bridge and the lines and arch in the foreground. For me it is the latter and that is where the attention was focused. For me it is just a photo about the beauty that can be found in urban/city life, you just have to look a bit harder to find it, but it is there.This photo is also more about lines and shape and light and shade rather than having any sort of message. There is a juxtaposition going on here with the feeling of walking over a bridge in the light compared with the feeling of walking under a bridge in the shade?


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