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Rotherhithe Tunnel

I don’t know why, I just love tunnels? Needed a break from pounding the streets of the West End and City so a moment of madness and a painterly? photo of the Rotherhithe Tunnel that goes under the Thames in East London. Didn’t think you could walk through it, but you can (paths just visible either side) BUT NOT RECOMMENDED especially on a hot day or in the rush hour. The tunnel goes on for a lifetime on foot!. The fans were on that day, so the fumes were not too bad, but it wasn’t great. 5 minutes and I made a rapid exit? A lot of puzzled looks from motorists. Looks black and white but the brake lights say otherwise. This shot as with all shots straight out of camera with minor slider adjustments here and there. Anyway, been there, done it and got the T Shirt and probably never again…. not on foot anyway.



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