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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This photo is non abstract, but it has to be here along with some other non abstract or street photos. Abstract pictures I leave the interpretation to the viewer therefore just a title and that’s it. This one, on the surface looks very simple….but it needs some explaining.

I do like this picture and despite what people are probably thinking, this photo took all of 3 minutes. I saw the wall, I saw her (couldn’t miss her) about 100m down the road and 3 minutes later ….. the rest is history. Anybody could take this picture, but it’s being in the right place at the right time. Some days you get lucky, many others you do not in street photography. A woman with lilac hair walking past a very grey wall of fame and that’s it? Yeah great? BUT there is more to this photo than first meets the eye. It does contain a message

Firstly. We have a wall of famous celebrities which is juxtaposed with an everyday woman walking down the road. BUT the tables have been turned here and this lady shines and the celebrities are subdued and look very ordinary in the background. They have been eclipsed.

Secondly we have monochrome juxtaposed with colour and especially lilac.

Thirdly one of the celebrities is actally acknowledging this lady and the statement that she is making and maybe even thinks that she could be a celebrity herself. We don’t know?

Fourthly this photo contains elements of myself as I used to photograph celebrities in the past, the woman I would say is a female version of myself, she has her own mind, goes her own way and has her own agenda and is probably a bit of a rebel and wouldn’t look out of place in Camden.

Lastly what’s her story, where has she come from, where is she going and a thousand other questions?

All that in one photo, but then again ……. maybe… it is just a woman with lilac hair walking past a grey wall of fame and nothing more. You decide?


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